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Shamita Patharkar: Shamita took her first safari to Tadoba, when she fell in love with the experience of travelling to the jungles of Central India. Ever since then, she’s been going for safaris, meeting new wildlife enthusiasts each time and clicking some well, decent pictures of the wild. A content creator and writer by profession, she writes about the ‘wild side’, and gives a little glimpse into the vast wilderness! Find her at @shamita_p on Instagram!

Neha Joshi: Neha is a creative professional in the field of architecture and has also developed social media and content creation as one of her latent skills. She enjoys sharing art, architectural and cultural experiences, perspectives and explorations through her writing. Find her at @neha2896 on Instagram.

Ankur Deo: A professional engineer and researcher working around autonomous vehicles and driverless cars, Ankur is into travelling as much as technology. Having travelled to a multitude of places across India – North, East, South and Central alike, with the occasional respite abroad, there are several travel stories for him to share! Find him at @deoankur on Instagram to talk about solo travelling and backpacking!

Ajinkya Kale: A former software programmer turned business student, what does remain constant however is his urge to travel – having visited 4 continents, now making the most of his Master’s programme in Europe to explore new places, famous and obscure alike. You can find him at @ajinkya.kale on Instagram and he is always ready for a conversation about travel and football!


Chetan Desai: Having worked with corporate and real estate companies for quite some time, Chetan now follows his dream of exploring the Indian jungles, full-time! For someone who never gets tired of educating you about the forests, its fauna and avifauna, you’re likely to find him travelling to different parts of the city every weekend. An avid birder and a herping expert as well, wildlife photography will always be his first love. Well, his photographs say it all!

Instagram- @wildcrawler

Paritosh Sonawane: Paritosh has been working in the wildlife industry for the past three years. Though an architect by profession, he developed his skills in wildlife and now travels in search of the big cats in the forests of Central India and Africa. Having seen his very first tiger in the wild, he knew that wildlife was something he wished to pursue and so, instead of architecture, he decided to follow his passion of photographing and tracking the big cats. We’re lucky to have him share some stunning shots from the wilderness. 

Instagram- @paritoshsonawane
Email- paritosh.sonawane18@gmail.com

Ameya Kulkarni: Ameya is the director at CIW (Chiselled Interior Works), and has a great interest in sketches and illustrations. It is indeed surreal when art meets travel, and his illustrations sure do bring the articles to life!

Instagram – @ameya_kulkarni
Email – ameya1496@gmail.com