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Sharing travel stories is always fun and easy but sharing them online is easier and when a group of oddballs come together and decide that they need a platform to share their bit of fascinating travel stories with the world…you have Cobblestone Chronicles!

We are Shamita, Neha, Ankur and Ajinkya – though we’re busy trying to make fascinating CV’s instead of our own travel journals, we do love to venture out and rediscover ourselves, live in the moment, click pictures of sunsets and embarrassing travel selfies, ignore diet plans for the best food in town, fill in our travel diaries as much as we can and forget our gym membership more often than not. But honestly, who doesn’t, right? Unless you’re one of those, “ugh, another travel blog” kind of person, you’re going to have fun reading what we have in store for you! Our writing focuses on destinations we’ve individually been to and we hope our tales impel YOU to visit some of these absolutely breathtaking places because after all, life is a daring adventure or nothing at all, isn’t it?

The Team

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Team Cobblestone Chronicles

Travel. Experience. Share.

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