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Privacy Policy

1. At Cobblestone Chronicles™, we respect your consent to access, use and distribute your personal data. For our partners, all ideas, generated IP and content are copyrighted on their names. If you feel like any copyrights are violated, kindly contact us; we will immediately attend to the situation and take the necessary steps to abide by the governing law. For any inquiries related to data protection and usage, we will be happy to provide more information. Kindly contact us on

2. We and our advertising partners store and/or access information on your device and also process personal data, like unique identifiers, browsing activity, and other standard information sent by your device including your IP address. This information is collected over time and used for personalised ads, ad measurement, audience insights, and product development specific to our ads program. If this sounds good to you, select “I Agree!” on the cookies selection pop-up.

3. Note that your preferences apply only to this website. If you change your mind in the future you can update your preferences anytime by visiting the Privacy link displayed under each ad. Our partners may process some of your data based on legitimate interests instead of consent but you can object to that by choosing “Learn More” and then disabling the Legitimate Interests toggle under any listed Purpose or Partner.

4. Cobblestone Chronicles™ is a registered company under Maharashtra Shop Act. All content on this website – including the website and company name, logo, subject in the form of words and images – is a property of Cobblestone Chronicles™. Under the Copyright law of 1976, any work created in a fixed form on this website is protected by copyright upon creation. Kindly seek permission from Cobblestone Chronicles™ before using any content – written or images – for personal or commercial usage. Any action involving use of content from this website for personal and commercial applications without the consent of Cobblestone Chronicles™ will be liable to legal charges. For any more details, contact us at

Data protection

1. At Cobblestone Chronicles™, we take measures to keep our users’ data protected. However, we shall not be held responsible for any compromise of data or security that might be on the end of our hosting provider.

2. At Cobblestone Chronicles™, we do not trade, sell or rent any user related device or personal information.

3. Cobblestone Chronicles™ shall not be held responsible for republished (paraphrased or plagiarised) content taken from this website and used on any other website/media outlet without our explicit permission.

Website functioning

1. On the website of Cobblestone Chronicles™, we may collect device and personal identification information from the website’s users in different ways that may include (but is not limited to) when readers visit our website, fill any form, like or comment on any article, subscribe to the newsletter, click on an ad, and/or avail any services that are available. 

2. On the website of Cobblestone Chronicles™, we never ask our readers for any financial or sensitive personal information. Users are expected to refrain from providing any sensitive information on this website, be it in forms, comments and other services.

3. On the website of Cobblestone Chronicles™, the comments made by users are their own opinions and Cobblestone Chronicles™ shall not be responsible for any content in the comments that might hurt feelings and opinions of people/community. Readers are expected and requested to respect other people’s privacy and opinions in the comments section.

4. Part of this website consists content provided to Cobblestone Chronicles™ by third parties. It is the responsibility of the respective third parties to ensure that the materials submitted for inclusion on this website comply with Indian and relevant foreign laws.

5. On the website of Cobblestone Chronicles™, we do not assume the responsibility for any failure or alleged failure in the delivery of the services by the third parties. The readers are advised to check with the concerned entities.

6. On the website of Cobblestone Chronicles™, we do not assume responsibility for the content of any website, link or third party social media pages to which a hypertext link might be provided. Such links are provided for the convenience to the readers only.

7. For the website of Cobblestone Chronicles™, the policies are drafted and enforced in accordance with and governed by the laws of the Indian Constitution and State Laws.

Cobblestone Chronicles™ has the discretion to update this privacy policy at any time without notice. The privacy policy has last been updated on 27.11.2022.


1. While we take utmost care to ensure the correctness of content in all articles and social media, Cobblestone Chronicles™ does not guarantee the accuracy of details. Because of the changing nature of travelling industry with time and differing personal preferences, one might have slightly, or in certain cases, completely different experience than that stated in any of the articles. In case you notice any wrong information in our content, please convey it to us via the Corrections page, and we will be happy to attend to it.

2. We encourage the readers to not solely rely on information provided in the articles on the website of Cobblestone Chronicles™, and get the necessary travel related information such as booking details, transport details and stay-related details from respective travel agents and tourism boards. Any reliance you place on the information on articles posted by Cobblestone Chronicles™ is completely at your own risk. 

3. All posts and pages on the website of Cobblestone Chronicles™ are published by the authors in good faith and are our own opinions.  We do not wish to offend any religion, community, nationality, gender or group of readers.

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