Coorg: The Land of Enchantment!

When looking for some of the most beautiful destinations in south India, in search of serene country-side respite, Coorg finds its place somewhere right at the top of that list!

© Cobblestone Chronicles

For a moment, imagine yourself to be in this delectable borough in the Madikeri district of Karnataka. The invigorating wind whips your hair as you ramble along the byways that rise and dive amidst the thicket. Breathtaking glimpses of the Tandiyandamol peak take you aback in bewilderment as you sniff appreciatively the heady fragrance of coffee blossoms. The place is surrounded by lush green landscape, offers a peaceful environment, is home to some of the friendliest people in India and perhaps the highlight, is the birthplace of some of the finest coffee that one might ever savour. Welcome to Coorg, fellow travellers!

© Cobblestone Chronicles

The magic of Coorg begins to unfold as one starts their journey from the low-lying town of Kushalnagar towards Madikeri – the town-centre of Coorg. The dwindling road amidst the surreal panorama of lush green plantations would probably present one of the many picturesque moments that will leave you exhilarated! For city dwellers, this does feel a bit incongruous – endless array of small hills opulent with tender foliage and timber.

Coorg provides the perfect concoction for travellers looking for adventures, seclusion and quaint, yet gratifying landscapes alike!

Coorg, or better known among the locals as Kodagu, is the south western district of Karnataka bordering Kerala. It is one of the few places where one can experience a unique amalgamation of a multitude of cultures, food and anecdotes. The Keralian Idiyappam with curry, Karnataka’s Neer Dosa and the blissful blend of filter coffee can satiate the hunger for an assortment that every foodie craves for. Waterfalls of all shapes and sizes, treks – both big and small, suburbs – both cloistered and bustling, tend to catch the eye of a diverse group of travellers.

Abbey Falls. © Cobblestone Chronicles

Wish to savour a scrumptious south Indian meal? Head to the centre of the town – Madikeri. Or would rather visit some exquisite monasteries? Kushalnagar is the place to go! Care for some scintillating sights of woodland with waterfalls? Abbey Falls deserves your awe! Would you rather fancy a blustery jeep ride through the wild? Mandalpatti is your destination! Or, are you trying to get away from bustle of your daily life, in search of solitude? The innumerable treks like Tadayandimol trek, hike to the Iruppu Falls, and Pushpagiri trek hold the answers.

Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery, Kushalnagar. © Cobblestone Chronicles

The real beauty of Coorg lies in its remarkably tranquil, unwound and mellow culture – one allied with nature, relaxation and a fine brew of coffee!

Do you wish to witness some marvellous sunsets? A blissful evening at ‘Raja’s Seat’ has dibs! At Mahadevpet, one can see the lush green coffee plantation all around, covering the hills as far as the eye can see! The innumerable cafes around also provide freshly brewed filter coffee. Coorg provides the perfect concoction for travellers looking for adventures, seclusion and quaint, yet picturesque and gratifying landscapes alike!

© Cobblestone Chronicles

Coorg has been receiving heaps of travellers over the past couple of years and has been one of the sought-after destinations in South India. While this has upped the overall destination experience quotient, the locals have contributed substantially in making the experience more compelling with exotic culinary, cultural and nature-engaging experiences. Home stays and backpacking hostels have often provided unique experience to the wanderers.

After all, it is the perfect blend of natural beauty, people, culture and the food that draws wayfarers across the globe towards this adobe of verdant landscapes!

My home in Coorg – Zostel, Coorg. © Cobblestone Chronicles

And yet, in this colossal topography of forests, buttes, coffee plantations, monasteries and narrow roads trying to find their way from one suburb to the other, there lies an unusual aura of carefree, yet jovial disposition. There are many hamlets near Coorg to wander in, a multitude of hills to trek, numerous monasteries to see, many remarkable roads to drive and to be driven on, and still, one often tends to get lost in an eerie euphoria!

That’s because the real beauty of Coorg lies in its remarkably tranquil, unwound and mellow culture – one allied with nature, relaxation and a fine brew of coffee!

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