Not All Who Wander Are Lost.


Orissa’s Artist Village

Raghurajpur, in Odisha can be titled as the kingpin, where special initiatives were undertaken to revive art and heritage. Situated amidst the lush greens and adorned by coconut trees, betel vine gardens, fruit orchards and tropical plantation, this quaint village is an excellent combination of diversified nature and rich cultural heritage.

Maqtha: Where the Walls Come to Life…

A striking example of the influence of art on a community is the Maqtha Art district in Hyderabad. In 2017, St+art foundation collaborated with more than 30 artists from across the globe and curated the idea of converting a regular village – Maqtha into an eye-catching landmark for the City of Pearls.

Mountains, Beaches, Wildlife, Cities, Art, Culture.. We have it all for you!

India – A pious collection

Right from the arid deserts of Leh-Ladakh, to the selected destinations in East India, we’ve got you covered!

Africa – The uncharted terrain

Be it the surreal Victoria Falls along the Zambezi River, or the marvelous city of Cape Town, find it all here!

East Asia – An ensemble

From the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, to the serene cities in Vietnam, East Asia has to be in your bucketlist!

Wildlife & Safaris

Come with us to the eerie wildlife reserves of Pench and Bandhavgarh, among many others!

Art & Architecture

Art and Architecture forms an intriguing part of travel. Unravel the places which will provide you a different perspective!

Religion & Tradition

Learn about ancient relics, temples and cultures! We take a look at places having religious importance.

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